One small step for man one giant leap for Umbraco

A new version of Umbraco has just been dropped, it's what they like to call a ‘major minor’ update meaning they’ve tackled a lot of issues! Over 100 to be precise. So you may be thinking, whats new? Well, you're in the right place, here are some of the most exciting features of Umbraco 7.6.


Firstly, the most obvious in your face change. Umbraco have updated their colour palette meaning the days of black and orange are in the past, hello purple and blue. Umbraco came up with a new style guide a while back, and after the website updated too it was inevitable that the back office would be next. Now I’m not one for change so initially I didn’t like the new look, but like many things the new colour palette is a `grower not a shower.’ If you’re like me and spend most of your time using Umbraco then the change is a bit 'in your face', but I am happy to say that with time the change is very welcomed.

Umbraco have thrown in a few minor styling changes here and there as well, a few rounded corners and shadows for good measure.


Login Screen:

The first thing you’ll notice when installing the fresh Umbraco 7.6 is the login screen, or even the picture behind this. A nice new feature for this page is the changeable background image, this can be updated in the config files, meaning you can make your website a little more bespoke. You’ll be happy to know that Umbraco have kept their fun welcome messages such as ‘Happy Thunderous Thursday’ so not all is lost.


Content Section:

In my opinion the most important update is the content section, as this is the section we all use after all, unless you're some backend wizard that has the content published automatically off of another website. A welcomed new feature to Umbraco 7.6 is the breadcrumbs, in Umbraco 7.5 if you were using a Multinode Picker to pick some content then the only way to know what content you chose would be to click edit on your already chosen content and work out the breadcrumb yourself, even though this wasnt unpractical as such it was a bit annoying when you wanted to update the content in this section. Now you can see the breadcrumb of where that page is. Its the small touches that make me love Umbraco, compared to the likes of Wordpress. *vomit*

Multinode Picker


Umbraco 7.7?

Although Umbraco 7.6 has only just dropped, I cant stop but dream about the features that could be implemented to make my life as a developer easier. Firstly nested content, nested content is somewhat like Umbraco Grid, only better. Nested content has a lot more freedom compared to Umbraco Grid, and there is just something exciting about not using the recommended grid system feature. Nested content does as it says on the tin, it allows you to nest content, if you wanted to show three email addresses on the homepage then you wouldn't need three text inputs, simply click the plus and add as much or little content as your heart desires. Umbraco Packages, creating Umbraco Packages is hard work, you cant just pick and choose document types from an existing website, and you cant add Partial Views. Not being able to add Partial Views to your Package is like not being able to access the US Netflix when you're not in the US... oh wait. Anyway, this would be a brilliant feature and would save me a lot of time during the installation process.

What features would you like to see in Umbraco 7.7? Why not drop me an email at and maybe we could work together to get our voice heard, power to the people and all that!