Why are there so many content management systems?

Now back in the day there were hundreds if not thousands of content management systems, every company had their own system that they build to work for them, as time went on a few content management systems started to shine. These are the popular content management systems of today, WordPress was a late bloomer when it comes down to these systems, being released in 2003. Another popular system is Umbraco. Now WordPress and Umbraco are pretty different, both having their good and bad features.

Choosing the right content management system.

So building a website is hard work, from content population to creating the finding the perfect design, there are a lot of steps. Now step one when building a website is finding your perfect content management system. The go-to system for websites nowadays is WordPress, WordPress is great, being open source (free) and coming with a blogging feature straight out the box. WordPress isn't a content management system as such, its more a blogging system that people adapt to work as a content management system. This is where WordPress starts to fall over.


WordPress was created to work as a blogging system, and its great at this. Simply install WordPress on your server (or have a developer do it) and boom, you have a blogging website, be it a bit ugly as it has the default theme. Theming another good thing about WordPress, there are thousands, some free, some not so free. If you're only looking for a simple blogging website, then you're set, no need to read on (please do). As with most things, all isn't good, WordPress, as it was created as a blogging system, trying to make this more than a blogging system is fairly hard, although there are many plugins you can install that do a hundreds different things, because they have kinda bodged to work in WordPress each one of them slows your website down, the more you add the worse things get. So whats the solution I hear you asking, or at least I hope you're asking.

Well the solution is to use any content management system how it designed to be used. Simply, right? Well thats where people like me come in, us developers spend our lives setting up content management systems, so we know a thing or two. The trick is to choose the correct content management system from the off, or choose a content management system that can do it all. This is where Umbraco comes in.


Now at this point you're probably getting tired of the words 'Content', 'Management' and 'System' so I'll shorten it to CMS. The CMS Umbraco is built by developers for developers meaning we can change what ever we like, and with the added bonus of Umbraco being free, were on for a right winner.

So where WordPress has a few issues when it comes to installing plugins, Umbraco doesn't as the we don't install plugins, we create them. Another issue with WordPress is security, or lack of. (Don't get me started) You'll be happy to know Umbraco doesn't have any issues like this.

I specialise in Umbraco Development, meaning I can build that bespoke system your'e after, and I have created lots of blogging systems. (call me WordPress) Any questions? Drop me an email at hello@lewissmith.co.uk and I'll be happy to help.